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Piwik PRO Cloud and Private Cloud: 15.4.0
Piwik PRO On-premises: 15.1.2

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26 lipca, 2018


Analytics (classic)

  • Row evolution report for funnel step

Tag Manager

  • Use variables (cover different types of Variables like string, integer, bolean, objects) based on usage context
  • Reduce cookies expiration dates
  • New DoubleClick tag templates (Floodlight Counter and Floodlight Sales)
  • Click URL trigger works when clicking on an image
  • Disable “Publish” button to users with no publish permissions


  • Disable the “Publish” button to users with no publish permissions

Audience Manager

  • Pull the list of Audiences
  • Get Profiles from the Audience – one of the possible formats is CSV so it allows exporting an Audience to that format via API.
  • Released Audience Manager API as a part of Piwik PRO Marketing Suite API, along with the documentation (will be available on

Consent Manager

  • The ability to manage consents via JavaScript API
  • Consents stats reports
  • Stabilize consent widgets’ and consent popups’ styles
  • HTML elements tree in visual editor
  • User with “Edit & Publish” permissions can now manage consents
  • Debug button in Consent Manager
  • Improve consent copy changes view
  • Button to reset chosen form setup (text and CSS)
  • Consent form/ “intro” copy changes history
  • Serve consents popup after 6 months since the last time it was served
  • Error handling/notification in Consent Admin
  • “” event isn’t missing, when clicking on “View privacy settings” in privacy bar
  • Data subject request works when trying to send the second request


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