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Piwik PRO Cloud and Private Cloud: 15.4.0
Piwik PRO On-premises: 15.1.2

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3 lipca, 2019



  • Custom reports module is moved to new Analytics to improve user experience
  • Dashboards now available. They will enable comparison of segments and date ranges, and export data from reports
  • Google Search Console integration
  • Default reports available along with options like data export, comparisons of segments and date ranges, and report customization
  • Ecommerce reports
  • The ability to copy reports and dashboards to other websites
  • Website performance reports
  • Segment management is still available. Existing user segments will need to be imported (via API) to the new Analytics
  • New interface for goal management; synchronized with old Analytics goals
  • New interface for handling custom dimensions; synchronized with old Analytics custom dimensions
  • Support for CSV and XML formats in reporting API
  • Creating reports with hourly granularity is possible for a maximum of 7 day data ranges

Tag Manager

  • Fixed the leave content trigger, set for firing a tag once per session, when used for audiences
  • Support for nested script tags is now provided

Audience Manager

  • A new design for the global attributes list
  • Additional location data, i.e. Organization, Provider, Designated Market Area, will be automatically added to user profiles

Consent Manager

  • New template for consent messages. Now it’s possible to choose between a modal and bottom bar.


  • Ability to create a user group and manage permissions for multiple users simultaneously
  • Error codes sent in Access Control API responses can now be translated and displayed in the language the user has selected in UI
  • Better accessibility with keyboard usage introduced to Administration and User Panels
  • Fixed issue with trimmed responses in app list endpoint


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