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Piwik PRO Cloud and Private Cloud: 15.4.0
Piwik PRO On-premises: 15.1.2

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18 maja, 2018


Analytics (classic)

  • Fixed an issue where in some cases it was not possible to change between hierarchical and flat reports.
  • Visitor Map widget no longer overlaps the website selector
  • Enabled average value metric for event categories report with event name as a secondary dimension.

Tag Manager

  • PP Analytics template: setDomains URL/ should be without protocols.
  • Problem when variable and dataLayer entries have the same name fixed.

Consent Manager

  • Ability to import consents setup from the chosen website.
  • Single consent form when there is only one type of tag manager tags defined.
  • The ability to remove “Powered by Piwik PRO” from the consent popup’s footer.
  • Lack of option to edit button name in “Data subject request” editor.
  • Missing “” event, when clicking on “View privacy settings” in privacy bar.


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