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Piwik PRO Cloud and Private Cloud: 15.4.0
Piwik PRO On-premises: 15.1.2

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15 lutego, 2021




  • Quickly export data from Analytics to Tableau. This option is in beta so we’re testing it with a limited number of users.
  • We added an unsubscribe link to emails sent as scheduled reports and alerts. You can click on the link to stop receiving these emails.
  • New dimensions: Visitor ID that shows an ID assigned to the visitor and helps to recognize them.
  • New dimension: Cookie ID that shows an ID assigned to the visitor’s browser.
  • New dimension: Session goals that shows a list of goals completed by the visitor during their session. You can use it only in dimension filters.

  • You can now select and group copy or group delete the following: dashboards, custom reports, segments and calculated metrics.
  • You can now select and group delete many groups in dimension value grouping and custom channel grouping. The same way you can delete a bunch of custom attribution models, scheduled reports and alerts.
  • You can now star a dashboard, custom report or segment. Starred items appear at the top of the dashboard, report or segment list.
  • Exported data now reflect settings you’ve used in a report: segments, compared time periods, filters and sort options. Also you can decide to export all nested tables or just the level that you see at the moment.
  • When exporting data you can decide to use column names or column IDs. This setting also works when exporting via API. Simply use this command: "column_format": "id" / "name".
  • Owners can now set up a dashboard created on one website for use across all websites.
  • You can now choose quarterly reports in scheduled reports.

Tag Manager


  • When you set specific hours to fire a tag, it’ll be fired according to the time zone you’ve set for that website. We fixed the bug that was affecting these settings for versions 15.0.0 and above.

Audience Manager


  • Attribute values are now displayed in the order they were added, from newest to oldest.

Consent Manager


  • Consent forms are now available in Dutch, English, Finnish, German, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish. You can use these languages on new websites. On existing websites consent forms are in English only, but you can add other languages manually.

  • In Consent Manager > Insights, dates and metrics are now displayed according to the region set for a website.
  • In Consent Manager > Insights, you can now click on metrics to show or hide them from the chart.

  • A consent form is now displayed correctly on Safari 13+. We’ll be setting cookies with the parameter SameSite=Lax instead of SameSite=Strict until Apple fixes the bug affecting our Consent Manager.



  • Security and usability improvements.


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